UFO and the PYRO-ENERGEN – Part I

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by: Junji Takano

So what has UFO something to do with PYRO-ENERGEN? No one in the world, even the greatest scientists, seems to have any knowledge about the truth of UFO. I have explained it several times, but no one seems to listen and understand even the world famous scientists. They just roam around searching for crazy informations about UFO, Crop Circles, and origin of incurable diseases which will not be answered forever.

I mentioned in the PYRO-ENERGEN website that diseases of unknown cause are due to paranormal waves that exist anywhere in the air, soil and water. There is no method to measure such wave with worldly existing and modern scientific equipments. It seems that only countable number of wise men knows the existence of such wave, and only PYRO-ENERGEN can eliminate that wave. UFO is also an illustrational illusion by the same paranormal wave.

You know that shadow, rainbow, and mirage, which you can see and take pictures with, but you can’t catch them. UFO is just like a rainbow or mirage in the sky. As you know, rainbow is a reflection or illusion created by water vapor. UFO is just like an illusion or image created by the paranormal wave in the air. It is the reason that UFO disappears suddenly depending on the angle you see. How come scientists of the world cannot understand this? How about Crop Circles? Yes, it is also caused by the paranormal wave. As I mentioned in the website, paranormal wave is electrified and has energy. This energy of paranormal wave causes unbelievable phenomenon such as incurable diseases and Crop Circles.

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