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A Great Solution for Chronic Diarrhea

A Great Solution for Chronic Diarrhea

Have you ever been in the train, at official meeting, or were you dating your girlfriend, when suddenly you have to look for toilet because of diarrhea?

If you had such experience or you have been suffering from such since several years ago, then you may have“Chronic Diarrhea”.

Chronic Diarrhea

Chronic Diarrhea Can Have a Serious Impact on the Quality of Life

Millions of people are suffering from chronic diarrhea, and most doctors tell us that they are mostly caused by stress. Chronic diarrhea had been known since the ancient times, yet modern medical science cannot give us the right answer for it. We were told that the foods we eat combined with stress are what’s causing it. But really, we still failed to know the real reason behind it.

There are just a lot of simple daily occurrences that medical science cannot answer accurately, just like a simple headache you suffer every now and then. Yes, if they cannot answer it, we have to dig carefully and find the answers by ourselves through experience.

Chinese Herbal Medicines Can’t Solve Chronic Diarrhea

Since several hundred years ago, until recently, we thought that chronic diarrhea is mostly caused by stress or some kind of bacteria around the intestines. It was this reason that even Chinese herbs failed to conquer the trouble.

You may have been trying to drink herbal medicines for a number of years thinking that your body will build-up some cells or will help the body reconstruct itself physically.

Even I myself had to try drinking a certain Chinese herb for the past 10 years, but I still suffer from chronic diarrhea. It often disturbs me especially when I travel at long distances by car.

Probably, you were also told by your physician that you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, yet you can’t understand what it means.

Now, Here’s What We’ve Found

Some wise doctors noticed that patients who have diarrhea are exhaling unusual breath odors. Therefore, the doctors performed a diagnostic breath analysis to them.

The result was surprising. They found methane gas on it! At that instant, we found the answer that no one would have thought about.

You need certain bacteria to ferment the foods you eat, and that process creates methane gas! We traced the root of methane gas and we’ve found that that’s being produced in the large part of the intestine, which is the colon.

What happens during the fermentation by the bacteria is that an increased motility of the intestines will occur and can make loose or watery stools.

The Digestive Tract

Now, how you can stop this loose bowel movement is the problem. Why? Because they are happening at the end of the digestive process, in the end of the colon, near the rectum area. Many doctors tried various kinds of medications but no right one can be found.

Then, We Found the Solution

Viruses such as the flu or the common cold are usually accompanied with diarrhea. But one day, we noticed that patients suffering from the common cold no longer experience diarrhea. Of course, we wondered how that could be, so studies went on.

Then, we found the answer. It was because these patients were taking ANTIBIOTIC medicines, which stop the fermentation process by killing the bacteria that are causing it!

Practically any kinds of antibiotic drugs will work to stop chronic diarrhea as well as irritable bowel syndrome. Try it. It won’t do any harm and it is well accounted for by the researchers and scientists.

Still, we are not trying to replace the theory that “stress is not the cause of chronic diarrhea”.

by: Junji Takano

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