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Causes and Origin of Incurable Diseases

Once the virus-producing wave is discharged from the body, your health will be restored to normal.

However, once the virus have destroyed or severely hindered the immune systems to the point where the body just cannot fight anymore, healing time might take so long or to no satisfactory result at all, although the virus-producing wave will be removed. Sometimes, it is just too late.

Are homosexuals also among the victims of the paranormal wave? Yes. They are also victims of the paranormal wave. See their palms. Note: In this case, PYRO-ENERGEN is effective only when used during early childhood or as early before homosexuality fully manifests.

For gays (homosexual man), their left hand fingers are usually longer than the other.

For lesbians (homosexual woman), their right hand fingers are usually longer than the left.

Of course, there are some cases where the uneven pattern of the palms is caused genetically.