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Origin of Viral Diseases

Thousands of medicines and medical devices had been invented to combat world diseases. In addition, there are remarkable remedies and cure for bacterial diseases, and yet, treatment for those affected by viruses and diseases of unknown cause remains uncertain. It’s because no one has truly discovered the origin of viral and incurable diseases. In other words, medical scholars failed to define the origin of viruses. Is it not the reason that they cannot stipulate the definite cure for them?

They believe that virus is the cause of diseases. They believe that the origin of incurable diseases is virus. They believe that viruses are responsible for the disease. But where do these viruses come from?

Here, they have to understand why and how protein and nucleic acid in the body forms as viruses. If a virus is composed of protein and nucleic acid, what kind of force (energy) is working in a particular person (victim) that creates virus? Let us see our palms. Some patients who suffer from incurable diseases bear deformed or uneven palms, which support the claim that an unknown property is surrounding the body.

Truly, when a certain force of energy surrounds the body, it expands and the energy might work as a creator of virus.

Look at the patients suffering from leukemia or cancer due to overexposure to radiations such as X-rays, radioisotope, and nuclear radiation. They are victims of such radiation energy that creates viruses in the body. Therefore, from this evident statement, it is much understandable that virus is just a byproduct of mysterious energy from outside the body.

Illnesses caused by overexposure to X-rays, radioisotope and nuclear radiations are due to side effects from human error.

Now, at least, the origin of viruses can be explained more simply. Certain energy like radioactive property is penetrating victims. Once such energy enters the body, the body expands, and sometimes you can possibly observe the expansion through your fingers and palms.

What will happen if this strange energy enters the body? The strange energy wave has a shortwave status similar to that of an ionospheric wave in the sky. It has similar characteristic to a radioisotope or nuclear radiation. Since this force of energy wave is more related to that of ionosphere, it is more active at night and weak during daytime due to sunlight. On this book, we’ll call this particular wave as paranormal wave.

Why call it “paranormal wave”? Because it’s difficult to explain scientifically on where this certain wave come from and how it penetrates the body and creates virus. It’s also unknown to scientists, and unavailable in any dictionary. It’s only known to the founder of PYRO-ENERGEN.

You cannot use any medicine like drugs to eradicate this paranormal wave but only a device to discharge it from the body. It is also unnecessary to induce or inject electrical current to the body. Inducing current in the body produces side effects because of Joule effect (an increase in heat resulting from the passage of a current). It means it creates another incurable illness. Can you say it human error again?

Eradicating the paranormal wave penetrating the body is simple. Just apply some electrification to the surface of the body with a special technology, then, your deformed body will be aligned and both of your palms will be identical instantly (see your fingers).