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Failures of Modern Medical Science

Even though science and technology has made progress with creating antibiotics and vaccines, we still have many incurable viral diseases, including AIDS, Ebola, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes, Hepatitis, Cancers, and Influenza.

The reason why modern medical science failed in eradicating viral and incurable diseases is that it’s “dealing with results not causes”. For hundreds of years, the real origin of an incurable disease has not been found and attacked, thus, the disease itself has been given every opportunity to mutate into new strains of diseases. Generally speaking, that is the situation in today’s medical science; nothing more than its single-minded approach of drugs and surgery alone—which in many cases produce new sorts of illness.

Viral diseases and diseases of unknown cause can never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods of medical science, for the simple reason that the origin of the disease is not material or physical. Even if material treatment alone seems to be successful in treating certain diseases, this is still nothing more than a temporary relief unless the real cause is removed.

Objective of the PYRO-ENERGEN

In 1968, a health researcher by the name of Junji Takano found the origin of viral and incurable diseases after his findings about tuberculosis. The origin of viruses is not material or physical in nature but made up of a certain wave, which he referred to as the negative energy.

He then came up with the idea of inventing an electrostatic therapy device that will eradicate the origin of viral diseases and named it the PYRO-ENERGEN. He found out that applying the surrounding body with static electricity helped drive away the negative energy and fight the viral afflictions of the body, and regain a better health system in the body.

Junji Takano tested the PYRO-ENERGEN on people suffering from viral diseases and diseases of unknown cause, and observed the results. He needed to determine not only the effectiveness of this treatment, but its safety. His experiments consisted of years of time on vast number of patients. As a result, he concluded that anyone suffering from viral diseases and diseases of unknown cause, using the PYRO-ENERGEN exactly as directed, would become virus-free and experience remission from their illnesses quickly.

After almost four decades of time since PYRO-ENERGEN was created and applied on thousands of sick people, he experienced many remarkable results for treating viral diseases and diseases that believed to be incurable. He received countless letters of thanks from all over the world.